But I have (I can’t believe this) lost 5.3 pounds and 2% body fat!!! Perfect timing for summer, & I can feel great taking my sweet girl to the pool! Quick, sustainable fat loss, it works!!

– Shelleyn Garcia

I am down 4 pounds and have lost over 9.5 inches around my waist, legs, hips and arms. My sugar cravings are gone, my energy level is fantastic and my body just feels “clean and healthy “. The Reboot phase was so easy to follow and I am looking forward to starting phase two!!

– Jan Alm

This is awesome! I’ve already lost 10lbs, feel great, look better and it was easier than I ever thought! PLUS, it saves me money and time. AND it tastes amazing![expand title=”Read More”]I’m so thankful for what the folks at evolv have done here. I get an easy, cost effective way to help myself while being a part of something that makes such a significant impact. Just…WOW!


– Matt Dougan

Before I rebooted I was having 2 energy drinks a day and still trying to lose some of my college football weight that never seemed to come off. After my Reboot, I was down 21 lbs. and completely stopped needing to consume any form of caffeine. I also developed the “problem” of not being able to sleep in because I had too much energy! I love everything about this Movement!!

– Ross Groeschl

In November of 2015 I weighed in at a sickening 350 lbs. I did the Reboot, and while on the Evolv LifeBars lost about 10-12 lbs, and it reset my metabolism. With that said, after I finished the first Reboot, I kept the eating agenda for about 5 months. Because of my body turning into fat-burning mode, I have now lost a total of 120 lbs, I now weigh in at 230 lbs. This bar has changed my life in a big way. I now feel more energetic and like a whole different person. I hope to share my story with many to show them they too can change their lifestyle as well as help nourish a child!

– Xavier  McCleary

Hi there, I am 31 years old. I have a family, my son and my wife. I don’t have as much time for them as I want because I am always at work — I am a server in a restaurant. I would like to be in good shape and be healthier, and most importantly to have more money and time to spend with my family. I just started to use the Reboot Kit and I already feel more energetic than before.

– Richard Horvath

I’ve been on a journey to better health for almost four years and I’ve gotten to a very lean body composition, which has stayed around 10% body fat for the last year. I wasn’t expecting that the Reboot program would keep me full throughout the day.[expand title=”Read More”]I could see a noticeable increase in lower abdominal definition and had a big jump in energy levels, feeling very satiated throughout. Mom, if you’re reading this, please send more LifeBar.


– Chase Nickells

In addition to feeling awesome, I lost 11 pounds!! Just starting my second Reboot and I can’t wait to see how I feel after:)

– Stephanie Benson

After a few months of not feeling 100% physically and emotionally, I decided to reboot my health. I am down 6.4 pounds and 2.75 inches, not to mention the increase in energy and confidence! There is no other program to get these results in a healthy way!

– Megan Haag

My husband has done so well on his Reboot plan and it makes me so proud, and THANKFUL for Evolv Health’s products. Barnes is a pilot for a major airliner and sits a lot during his work day, for obvious reasons. [expand title=”Read More”]He’s also in a high stress environment most days, and doesn’t have healthy, quick options at airports, so I was hopeful when he started packing the Evolv products into his flight bag. 

I didn’t ask much at first, until I noticed his pants were looser on him and his face was not as “full.” I asked about his weight loss, and he just said, “yeah I think I’ve lost a few pounds.” He started working out more on his overnights and would update me on his eating choices from time to time. I silently jumped up and down, but didn’t want to “make a big deal about it.” 

So I got his permission to share that he has gone down 19 pounds and two belt buckle holes! I have a feeling this is just the beginning of his health transformation! 

Pictured: His Evolv-powered cockpit!


– Lacey Pruett

After doing the reboot phase I am down 6 pounds from 143 to 137! I have also lost over 3 1/2 inches. This is the most defined I have ever been. Even with shedding all that I am still able to lift heavier than I have in the last 2 years!! And I feel incredible!

– Kaylee Benson

“The Bars have been great! I am down 12 pounds, and never been stronger. My wife Jenn is down 8 pounds 3 inches, Roselyn is feeling amazing getting ready for prom, and Tyler’s lean gains have been incredible.” — Nathan France, Wayzata MN

Reboot Number 2 coming out of convention was met with 6-days a week back at the gym. Nothing crazy but just trying to stay active during the reboot. I have lost a total of 11 pounds so far. [expand title=”Read More”]Very excited to see how the next couple weeks on the Maintenence phase will go. I’ve never felt this “clean” before. I really have no desire to get “off” the reboot. Can’t I just continue to eat 3-4 bars a day?


– Josh John

I’m so excited I lost a grand total of 25 lbs so far! I have been eating the Evolv Life Bars and following the Reboot program from the EvolvLifeBar.com website. I’m 51 yrs young! It goes to show its never to late to get in shape and lose weight!!

– Rocky Purvis, Jacksonville, FL

I started the Reboot and I am down 10 lbs! It is so easy and delicious. I am working the program as suggested and I cannot say enough great things about it. I have always tried to eat clean and still could not loose that little tire hanging onto my hips but now, it is going away. [expand title=”Read More”]My clothes fit better and even my shoes fit better. I feel great with amounts of energy I have not had before and I still get a great night sleep. My body moves better than it has in years!! I share this with everyone I know because everyone I know wants to feel better. I am looking forward to days 15 – 28! THANK YOU Evolv, for making my life even better by making me feel amazing!


– Lynda Karels

I am so thankful for my up-line inviting me to an informational meeting, which I only attended because she was my friend, I had no intention of buying anything much less becoming a distributor![expand title=”Read More”]I connected with what was being shared and had a flicker of hope that this might meet my specific needs: I have managed with chronic discomfort in my lower back and left leg for months! I had to give up working out, skiing, walking, tennis, biking, hiking and considered not counseling my daughter’s elementary camp this summer due to these issues, this also interfered with my sleeping, and I had tried all sorts of remedies to no avail, the combination of all of the above created one grumpy, moody wife and mama! Due to inactivity and stress from not finding answers, I have also packed on weight, trying every diet known to mankind to get the weight off but not able to stick to anything. I decided to start my Reboot and I’m down 7 pounds! This is the simplest program! I am not hungry, tired, grumpy, and perhaps further down the scale, I’ll take measurements. This is an answer to my prayers in so many ways and we’re just getting started! This is brining new life into our home because mommy is able to get involved. I asked my 10-year old daughter today if she could tell a difference in me and she said, ‘ OH YEAH! You’re not as stressed out mom. Since you began that program you’re different.” That brings tears to my eyes to hear her say that…Thankful.


– Erica Brown, Renton, WA

During my reboot, I lost 12lbs! More importantly I tightened my belt two notches — I have a ton more energy, and I am sleeping the best I have slept in years! [expand title=”Read More”]My cravings for “garabage” food is gone, my skin looks better, I can’t wait to see how my body responds to fat burning mode! The Reboot is the real deal…… Don’t miss the chance to change your body, grab a reboot kit today! 


 — Joe Busch

I started the reboot plan and I am feeling very energized! I am down 7 lbs and 3 inches off my waist! I was told by my doctor if I didn’t make some life changes I would be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life![expand title=Read More”]I didn’t want that in the cards for the rest of my life. I decided I needed to make some small changes in my life. I started on evolv about a year ago with great results. However, when the lifebar was introduced, bam, thats when I have noticed the huge results in the way I feel!  I have a more positive attitude and my body thanks me everyday! In the program we have met some wonderful role models and mentors that have also helped to change my life for the better! I give a HUGE thank you to my Evolv family! It is true when they say “If nothing changes, nothing changes”! I’m looking forward to my future!


– Lois Wiedeman

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The EvolvHealth products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your physician regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen.

I struggled with digestive issues my whole life.  Once I started on Evolv Limitless everything changed for me for the better!  I’ll never go a day without it!

Courtney Johnson

“My wife and I think the eating plan is great, the bars taste great and in all we are starting to feel more energetic. At one point, my wife and I decided to go for a walk, and I noticed that I was not huffing and puffing or breaking into a sweat so I thought I was not doing enough[expand title=”Read More”]

walking—before the Evolv LifeBar program I would almost immediately break into a sweat, start huffing and putting and start to lag behind. My results so far are amazing to me. I have lost 14 pounds and all up 9 inches. These products really work, they are fantastic and there is nothing on the planet like them. I like this plan so much that I am going to do it again.”


Darrell Jones, Mesa AZ

As a former professional figure skater, Kirsten was drawn to the movement, strength and grace of yoga asana starting in 2001, during a family health crisis, which led her to a great deal of advocacy work in Canada. In the spring of 2015, she enrolled in the Karma Teachers College.[expand title=”Read More”]From personal experience, she realized that the Evolv science-driven, natural products were a perfect complement to her healthy lifestyle and yoga practice, while allowing her to make a difference in people’s lives. She is excited to share her passion for yoga and her passion for the HOPE Movement with others seeking tools for transformation


Kirsten Harkins

“What I like best is how I am losing my ‘pot-belly.’ I had already lost 39 lbs during 2015, but was unhappy about still having a bit of a pot-belly. It appears that most of the weight lost since starting with the metabolism reboot has been from my mid-section.[expand title=”Read More”]

I ate 3 meals daily and added in the Evolv LifeBar as a snack two times a day, as well as taking the Evolv Daily. I ate 6 times most days and still lost 5 lbs. I’m pleased with the results.” —
UPDATE: “I’ve been continuing the program and lost an additional 6 lbs since implementing the LifeBar and Daily into my nutritional routine. Without extra exercising my body fat is down 1.7%. The best part is, I’m eating real food and not starving myself. Love the results.”


Michael Hayes, Mays Landing  NJ

When I saw Evolv, I was 3rd string jv (wrestling). I started taking the products every day. The biggest impact they had for me was significantly reduced recovery time and I was never sore anymore. I’m sure you can imagine how huge that is when you’re doing 2-3 grueling workouts every single day. So it boils down to the compound effect.[expand title=”Read More”]

I started taking the products at the start of my junior season and went from 3rd string jv at the start to NCAA national qualifier. Then compound the effects of a whole summer of incredible quality training and another season of wrestling, and. my senior year I took 2nd in the nation at 133lbs at the NCAA National Tournament and our team won the national championship!


Chad Bartschenfeld

“When I started my Reboot with my team, I weighed in at 221. At first, I felt real yucky from what I think must have been sugar withdrawals. Pretty soon though I was feeling great, clear mind and feeling clean inside![expand title=”Read More”]

I was just being consistent in having my Evolv Limitless, water, Evolv chocolate Shake, water, Evolv LifeBar at 9:45am, water, a lunch of millet bread with vegan cream cheese with green apples and an Evolv fix to drink, another Evolv LifeBar at 2:45, more water, and for dinner about 4 to 6oz of meat plus 1 cup of veggies with one more Evolv Fix before bed with handful of raspberries… Between feeling great energy and feeling my tummy shrinking unlike previous efforts, so far I am 10lbs down!! I’m not done yet, and I’m looking forward to see my what end result will be then pressing forward to the next phases!! Let’s do this !!”


Lisa Lopez, Kissimmee FL

The Evolv product line has been life-changing for me. At 52 I’m feeling vibrantly healthy: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!! Thank you Evolv[expand title=”Read More”]

After a 9 yr career in the NFL I found my body chronically inflamed and I had gained over 28 pounds. I was burning both ends of the candle chasing business opportunities to maintain my lifestyle. I took a challenge from a friend to address my health issues which included a CORE group of products that drastically reduced the inflammation in my body, my energy levels went through the roof!! I lost 23lbs and I’ve kept it off! Thank you Evolv


After my NFL career I found myself psychologically unemployable. I enjoy my freedom too much and I’ve never found an employer willing to pay me what I’m worth so I’ve owned several businesses. I’ve found that leveraging a business is even more difficult than working a job. 


Mark Jackson

After 31 years of practice, I have found a company offering products that are simple and highly effective. I have used these products to help the body function better in many ways — I have noticed improvements in areas ranging from metabolic function to support for the central nervous system, all with better than expected results.[expand title=”Read More”]

Another reason I am so committed to using these products — my wife was nearly disabled after a brain surgery, and I tried numerous name brand supplements to help her, all to no avail. The Reboot program does exactly as described, and has helped my wife as well as a number of very pleased patients of mine. There is even a money back guarantee on the products. Honestly, you can’t go wrong.


Dr. Lana M. Grzybicki

As professional athlete (Pro MMA) I love how clean the products are. To be able to preform at a higher lever and recover faster is absolutely phenomenal especially when the products are all natural.

Chad Curry

“Evolv has taken my triathlon training to the next level. I am feeling stronger, lighter, healthier, and more energetic! The meal replacement shakes have been very helpful nutrition wise. [expand title=”Read More”]I am constantly on the go and cooking 3 meals a day is difficult, so replacing one meal with a shake is very helpful. Plus they taste great! Along with the shakes, Fuel and Fix have been lifesavers when it comes to energy. I am no longer feeling tired at 2pm from a long workout in the morning. They keep me going throughout the day. Last, but certainly not least, Limitless has saved me during training. I haven’t felt fatigue after my workouts. It has helped my recovery tremendously, which means I can go into every swim, bike, or run at a higher level.”


Rochelle Ceballos

The EVOLV products are the real deal!  I have a very clean diet, and keep an extremely high standard to what I put in my body. I have come to love what EVOLV is all about. The products, the mission and the business. [expand title=”Read More”]Whether you are interested in shedding a few pounds, changing your lifestyle, helping others or gaining an athletic edge EVOLV is for you.
I have raced mountain bikes Professionally for the last 4 years. My primary focus is Ultra Endurance, mainly 24hr races. My ultra intense training along with a demanding job in the hospitality field takes its toll. My body is continuously in need of rest and repair, this is something that I have struggled with managing. Especially my lower back, it has plagued me with daily discomfort and suffering.  After a very short time of using EVOLV Fuel, Fix, Limitless and chowing  down on the Life Bar, my back has never felt so good!!! I truly feel that the inflammation that has has owned me, has been defeated!!!! Thank you EVOLV!!

Jake Wade

I’d really like to describe my experience with EvolvHealth and the entire product line as simply as I can.  They taste great, are easy to use, are extremely effective, and the results can be duplicated by anyone.

Dr. Andrea Hazim, B.S. Nutrition, D.C.

“I’m excited to say I lost 3 3/8″ in my waist since starting the program! I was never hungry and felt like I could conquer the world! Oh, and I helped nourish 74 children with my Evolv LifeBar purchases!!!! Amazing.” — Cindy Cox, Scranton PA

“My wife Keri and I have lost a combined weight of 24.3 lbs on the metabolism reboot so far — she has lost 10.5lbs and I have lost 13.8 lbs, all the while nourishing close to 60 kids with our Evolv LifeBar purchase. So awesome!” — Cameron & Keri Melban, Amarillo TX

We have noticed improved energy and sleep quality using the Fuel and Fix. Others have reported decreased discomfort and irritability when using the Limitless.
John Salva and Michelle Dickson

Evolv products have further defined what overall wellness means to my family. The shakes and energy bars, which are great tasting, have become daily meal replacements. I personally have benefitted from Limitless, feeling less discomfort with activity…and certainly first thing out of bed in the morning. We feel great using these products!

“My job is to improve every aspect of my clients physiology: stamina, strength, cardiovascular output, flexibility and power. There is a pile of fitness supplements out there from which to choose. I chose Evolv because it is the CLEAN way to take your training to a higher intensity.” Scott Jones
I’ve gotten excellent results with the Evolv products. They’re effective and because they are affordable and taste great, I’ve found that my patients stay on them long term.
Dr. Gene Stewart

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained on this website is for educational purposes only.

Results may vary. Any claims or testimonials on this site are not intended to reflect typical results, and are submitted by Members, who both use the products and receive a commission off of product sales to others.

The EvolvHealth products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your physician regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen.