Evolv Reboot Kit

NOTE: As of 07/14/2017, Blueberry Pomegranate Evolv LifeBar will be replacing Evolv Shake in the Reboot Kit on all new orders,* providing even greater health benefits targeted to your Reboot, at no extra cost.
The Reboot Kit is a powerful set of proprietary nutritional products designed to help your body address inflammation and leptin sensitivity naturally, without sacrificing the convenience and simplicity sometimes required by modern life. The Kit works in conjunction with our healthy eating food program to give your body the support it needs to burn fat, fight inflammation, and Lose Fat For Good. Best of all, the sale of every Reboot Kit generates a donation of 140 servings of nutrition to children in need through our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative – that’s enough to nourish 4 children for more than a month.

*Please note if you are a current Customer or Member with a Reboot Kit already on Autoship, you will need to revise your order in your Back Office or call Member Services to switch to the new Kit with Blueberry LifeBars instead of Shake.

Reboot Your Life!

Take a look at our Reboot overview video, that shows why just about everybody would benefit from a Reboot.

Every Kit includes the following products to support a 28-day Reboot:

4 Boxes of Evolv LifeBars (2 boxes Dark Chocolate and 2 boxes vegan Blueberry Pomegranate, 14 bars per box) • 1 Bottle of Evolv Immūn (56 Capsules) • 1 Box of Evolv Limitless (56 Capsules) • 1 box of Evolv Fix (28 Stick Packs)


“When I started my Reboot with my team, I weighed in at 221. At first, I felt real yucky from what I think must have been sugar withdrawals. Pretty soon though I was feeling great, clear mind and feeling clean inside! [expand title=”Read More”]I was just being consistent in having my Evolv Limitless, water, Evolv chocolate Shake, water, Evolv LifeBar at 9:45am, water, a lunch of millet bread with vegan cream cheese with green apples and an Evolv fix to drink, another Evolv LifeBar at 2:45, more water, and for dinner about 4 to 6oz of meat plus 1 cup of veggies with one more Evolv Fix before bed with handful of raspberries… Between feeling great energy and feeling my tummy shrinking unlike previous efforts, so far I am 10lbs down!! I’m not done yet, and I’m looking forward to see my what end result will be then pressing forward to the next phases!! Let’s do this !!” —[/expand]
Lisa Lopez, Kissimmee FL

“My goal for the Reboot was to achieve more energy. As a pretty active person, I wasn’t sure how much weight I would lose. My results were astounding! Not only did I feel absolutely fabulous, with tons of energy, but I also lost 6 pounds and 3 and 3/8” off my waist!” — Cindy Cox, Scranton PA

“What I like best is how I am losing my ‘pot-belly.’ I had already lost 39 lbs during 2015, but was unhappy about still having a bit of a pot-belly. It appears that most of the weight lost since starting with the metabolism reboot has been from my mid-section.[expand title=”Read More”]I ate 3 meals daily and added in the Evolv LifeBar as a snack two times a day, as well as taking the Evolv Daily. I ate 6 times most days and still lost 5 lbs. I’m pleased with the results.”

UPDATE: “I’ve been continuing the program and lost an additional 6 lbs since implementing the LifeBar and Daily into my nutritional routine. Without extra exercising my body fat is down 1.7%. The best part is, I’m eating real food and not starving myself. Love the results.”[/expand]

Michael Hayes, Mays Landing NJ

An example of A REBOOT Day

Wake up – 1 Limitless

Breakfast – Evolv LifeBar + 1 Immun

Snack – Healthy snack from protein, fat, or fruit & vegetable list. Suggestions: 1/2 c almonds or 1 avocado

Lunch – Evolv LifeBar + Water

Afternoon – Fix

Snack – Healthy snack from protein, fat or fruit & vegetable list. Suggestions: 1 cup Full fat yogurt with 1/4c berries or one hardboiled egg

Dinner – Healthy dinner + 1 Immun. Suggestion: 5oz Grilled Chicken with a full fat cream sauce, asparagus with olive oil, large green salad with oil & balsamic vinaigrette

Evening – 1 Limitless

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