WHAT IS A Reboot?

Rebooting is the process of biohacking your body chemistry with nature’s super-molecules to achieve results that go far beyond the impact of healthy diet and exercise alone.

What if stress DIDN’T affect you as much?

Imagine if hormones worked FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU? What if FAT LOSS has more to do with hormones than calories?

It turns out that fat loss has as much or more to do with hormones than calories-in, calories-out.

Hormones are signaling molecules that trigger specific cells into action. They regulate almost every aspect of your body’s day-to-day functioning. In the case of fat-burning, your body makes a hormone that regulates when and how much fat to use for energy.

Rebooting is a natural, delicious, and convenient way to get healthier. It all starts with just a 56-day commitment to addressing nutrition.

What People Are Saying

EVOLV’s Total Reboot has changed my life! After suffering from severe digestive issues my entire life, taking numerous prescriptions and receiving extensive medical care I was introduced to EVOLV Health. I have been off all prescriptions now, working with my MD, for 4 years and my digestive health and overall health are excellent!  
– Dave S., WI

Reboot Kits

The Reboot Kits are a powerful set of proprietary nutritional products designed to help your body address health challenges and help super-charge your results beyond the results of just healthy diet and exercise.

Choose Your Kit

The different Reboot Kits offer support for your most challenging health needs, from supporting a healthier diet with fat-burning benefits to providing a whole health integrative support for your optimal health.

Start Your Journey

When you start your health journey with a Fat Burner Reboot Kit, you’ll automatically get email support for 56 days. Step-by-step tips, recipes, success stories and more are waiting to inspire you. You’ll also hear from many health pros who all agree, the Reboot works!

Feel GREAT about it

Best of all, the sale of every Reboot Kit generates donations of nutritional support to children in need through our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative!

Choose Your Kit

For targeted integrative immune, digestive, hormonal and natural inflammation support for those ready to help the body address overall well-being, comfort, and digestive support, or to target these issues ongoing.

Contains: 1 Immūn, 1 Limitless and 1 Balance

Core nutritional support whenever you want to target fat-burning! A convenient, tasty, powerful set of nutritional products designed to help your body address inflammation and leptin sensitivity naturally and effectively.

Contains: 1 Fix, 3 LifeBar, 1 Shake

For the best workouts! Combines a powerful proprietary drink mix with nutritional ingredients scientifically shown to offer clean energy with support for endurance, hydration, recovery and inflammatory defense.

Contains: 1 Limitless, 1 Immūn, 1 Fuel

This is a total integrative package for immune, digestive, hormonal and inflammation support coupled with fat burning products. Perfect for those ready to start helping the body address overall well-being, comfort, and fat burning efforts or to target these issues ongoing.

Contains: 1 Limitless, 1 Immūn, 1 Balance, 1 Fix, 3 LifeBar and 1 Shake

The Team Builder kit is the best value for helping the body Reboot and address the risk factors of inflammation, restore your digestive health, reactivate your immune system, balance your hormones and support fat burning and a healthy diet. It is the real deal!

Contains: 1 Entourage² 2oz, 1 Entourage² 1oz, 5 Ease samples, 2 Limitless, 2 Immūn, 2 Balance, 2 Fix, 2 Fuel, 2 Blueberry Pomegranite LifeBar, 1 Dark Chocolate LifeBar, 1 Sweet & Salty LifeBar, 1 Vegan Vanilla Shake and 1 Vegan Chocolate Shake

The Science Behind The Fat burner Reboot

Rebooting your metabolism is about making smart food choices. Doing so helps support the body’s normal energy-producing, fat-burning, muscle-building functions.

Our bodies were designed to burn fat as our primary source of fuel.

Modern diets and busy lifestyles have greatly compromised that function. This means more and more people are struggling with overweight and obesity. Many don’t know that these are secret and dangerous forms of malnutrition.

And these numbers continue to grow in spite of a robust, $60 billion a year diet and weight loss industry. It almost seems like the more we diet, the fatter and sicker we become. In fact, over 95% of everyone who loses weight by dieting, gains some, all, or even more weight back.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so burned out on dieting. What’s different about a Reboot?
We totally understand. The diet industry has made billions on people’s hopes and dreams. Most of the time, you don’t even get any lasting results or reliable tools!

The beauty of a Reboot is that it is NOT A DIET. It is a nutritional program designed to fit your life. A Reboot offers science-based nutritional support. It is also flexible enough to match your goals and needs.

The main things to remember are to follow the food guidelines and lean on the Evolv products along the way. They were designed to help your body reach fat-burning status in a simple, natural way.

  • You can do a Fat Burner Reboot without counting calories.
  • You can do a Fat Burner Reboot without measuring every single ounce of food.
  • You can do a Fat Burner Reboot without ever touching a tape measure or a scale.
  • A Fat Burner Reboot is adaptable and scalable (can fit any lifestyle or age range or level of health).
  • With a Fat Burner Reboot, you gain the tools and knowledge for a lifetime of healthy weight management.
Can I drink coffee on a Fat Burner Reboot?
Yes! It’s always a good idea to drink coffee in moderation. But you can make coffee Reboot-friendly by avoiding sugary sweeteners and creamers.

Instead, enjoy a cup of coffee black! Or you can add unsweetened half-and-half or even heavy cream (both are on the food list). We’ve even heard of people adding coconut oil to their coffee!

These options add healthy fats and flavor, while still limiting sugar so your body can be a fat-burner.

What about this ingredient or food that’s not on the list?
The food guidelines are not going to cover EVERY SINGLE Reboot-friendly food. It’s a good idea, however, to stick to them as much as you can. Keep the following in mind if you are looking at adding foods that are not on the list to your Reboot:

  • Does it contain artificial ingredients or sweeteners?
  • Does it have a high glycemic index (starchy, or converts to sugar in the blood)?
  • Does my body simply crave it rather than need it?
  • Am I trying to avoid listening to my body by giving in to old habits?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it’s best not to add the food. You’ll get the best results from your Reboot if you follow the guidelines as much as possible.

The final word has to come from you, since you are the only one in touch with your body and what it needs! Many people adapt the rules to suit their needs and achieve great success.

Following the guidelines will give you the best results without any extra planning. And the Reboot gets easier every day the closer you stick to them. You can do it! We believe in you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.