Evolv Daily

Healthy Gut, Healthy You

The Complete Whole Food Supplement For Healthy Gut Support.

Fermented whole food vitamin, mineral, probiotic, antioxidant & enzyme supplement.

Healthy Gut, Healthy You.

Hyppocrates, the father of medicine, said “All disease starts in the gut.” Today, we know a healthy gut promotes normal gastrointestinal function, provides protection from low grade inflammation and infection, regulates our metabolism, and composes more than 70% of our immune system. Evolv Daily goes far beyond what the typical synthetic vitamin and mineral supplement can do in the promotion of healthy digestion and overall health.

Biotransformed Nutrients

The fermentation of friendly micro-organisms transforms vitamins and minerals into a highly complex source of nutrients. These nutrients—found in Evolv Daily just as they are in all fermented foods—are bound in a matrix containing lipids, proteins, beta glucans, and a wide variety of phytonutrients. This unique complex is then blended with probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, superfood extracts, and a proprietary immune supporting Aloe Vera extract to provide the most advanced “gut healthy” supplement for optimal health and performance.

Suggested Use

Take two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening, with or before meals (each bottle has a 28 day supply if taking 4 capsules per day as suggested). Replace your synthetic vitamin/mineral product with Whole Food Nutrition.