HOPE Puffs cereal provides a source of protein and proprietary immune support to children in need through Buy 1, Nourish 2™.

The cereal, intended purely for donation and not available for commercial resale, provides real-world support for the problem of malnutrition in places where not only are key micronutrients lacking, food itself is also scarce.

This no-sugar protein cereal is also infused with Evolv Immūn proprietary Acemannan compound, which offers a proprietary concentration of the most immuno-modulating factors of Acemannan, making it a powerful immune support supplement.

HOPE Puffs provides key support to begin addressing three core issues to the problem of global malnutrition: the scarcity of food, lack of sufficient protein needed for healthy growth and human development, and immune support — a vital concern where immune health is often compromised due to deficiencies in diet.

Distribution of HOPE Puffs — free to the organizations and children receiving the cereal — is funded purely by the EvolvHealth Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative.

Customer/Member-driven Donation Program Announced

Due to popular demand, a new HOPE Puffs Purchase and Donate Program has been launched. With this program, a smaller bag of HOPE Puffs is available for purchase by any Customer or Member, after which EvolvHealth will ship the donation on behalf of the donor to children in need through our distribution centers. Each Purchase and Donate bag of HOPE Puffs provides 28 servings of no-sugar protein cereal directly to children in need. It is not a retail product — HOPE Puffs is not available for purchase other than for donation.

Customers and Members may log in to their account and add HOPE Puffs to their cart and all donations will be handled automatically. Add it on Autoship to insure additional monthly giving, and greater impact!

Hope Blend

HOPE Blend provides unique whole food support to help address the epidemic of childhood malnutrition.

HOPE Blend provides 100% of the micronutrient vitamins and minerals needed to support good health, plus advanced immune support from whole food sources in a single scoop (a serving of about 1/4 teaspoon). Putting HOPE Blend into a child’s food turns whatever they eat into a highly nourishing meal, rich with top quality micronutrients.


The Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative was designed to allow us to provide BOTH the consumer AND the children we nourish with standardized whole food nutritional support. New social businesses have come into the market over the last few years that are connecting the sale of their food products (typically snack bars) to the donation of a fortified food packet to bring relief to an undernourished child somewhere in the world. While this is a noble effort, it falls short in two important areas: First, in today’s world, both the consumer as well as the child have a critical need for whole food nutritional support, not just another sugar-filled, nutrient-deficient snack food; second, the human body was designed to best utilize nutrients from food, not from synthetically made vitamins and minerals. That’s why our initiative offers real HOPE to everyone involved.

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