Why We Share

Malnutrition is the #1 cause of death among children in the world. It doesn’t have to be that way, so we decided to do something about it. So did an entire community of people. What started off with one life changing event for one orphanage has grown to over 15 million acts of kindness.

Our mission to provide 100+ million servings to children in need with our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ model. For every one serving of Evolv’s integrated health products, we’ll match it with two servings of nutritional support. Together we can all change our world one serving at a time.

Evolv Affiliate Program

What started as an idea to pilot a program to give back to children in need has evolved into an impactful business. We’re all in on ending the impact of childhood malnutrition. Since we started this mission, we’ve reached 15 million servings of nutritional support and counting. We simply could not have done this without our passionate community.

Our Affiliates champion the HOPE Movement while generating revenue for themselves. They do this by placing Evolv links and banners on their site. We invite you to join the HOPE Movement and give back through the purchase of our Integrated Health products while participating as an Evolv Affiliate.

Social Business 3.0™

Social Business 3.0 is about creating teams of people within a community who are passionate about making a sustainable impact. Each person championing a cause to improve their world in a sustainable way,  all while being richly rewarded.

The most rewarding way to earn a living is by helping others Evolv their life. We call this the HOPE Rewards program. If you’re going to build a business, why not do something that truly matters and get rewarded for making a lasting impact?

We invite you to create a ripple effect and get rewarded to the fullest potential. It’s our way of empowering you while saying thank you for your part in ending the impact of childhood malnutrition.

As a Social Business Partner, you’ll receive everything an Affiliate receives plus…

  • Access to the entire rewards plan to maximize your earning potential.
  • Additional support, resources, and tools to maximize your reach.
  • Detailed business reporting to know where to focus community growth.
  • Special invitations to Summits and events to grow your Social Business.
  • Paid-for IMPACT trip to see first-hand the children you are impacting.
  • And so, so much more!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.