MEET DAwn strickland

ESWPN Partner, Chiropractor, and Certified Fitness Trainer

“As a chiropractor and certified fitness trainer, I strive to help my patients with inflammation issues. I believe the Evolv Reboot and its products offer an option that tastes great while they support the body in a variety of areas through whole food nutrition.”

“I have been using supplements a long time and have never had so much energy as I have since using the Reboot products. I am able to maintain a normal healthy weight with ease. I also feel like Evolv is helping to keep my immune system in check as well as giving me sustained energy to keep up with my busy life. I love being able to give the same supplements to my entire family. With the Evolv products, I feel completely confident in recommending what I see as the best option out there for effective nutritional support.”
“The Evolv products I personally use are limitless first thing in the morning, I use the Fix in the afternoon, it helps me to drink more water, the Evolv Daily and Evolv Immūn after breakfast and after lunch. I usually have a LifeBar as a snack every day.”
“I chose Evolv because of the high quality ingredients and the scientific research is done on each product. I feel confident that CSO Anne Smith, BS, DC never compromises and only uses the best ingredients for the Evolv products. What first attracted me to Evolv was that the products help the body to reduce the risk factors for inflammation, which is a big part of my chiropractic practice.”
“I share the Evolv products and information with my patients, by putting the products in my office along with the scientific research studies. I deal with many cases of people dealing with inflammation in my practice, and Evolv has provided Evolv Limitless, backed by research showing how the active ingredients was found to help the body reduce inflammatory markers*. The Limitless is an amazing product.”

*To read a copy of the study, click here.

“My life is quite busy. I usually wake up at 5am go to the gym for weight training, boot camp or meet my friends for a 4 mile run. I then come home and get my boys up for school. I am fortunate to have a home-based chiropractic practice. I usually work 4 days per week. My hobbies include boating, golf, running, biking, paddle boarding, and going to the beach.”