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Steven Johnson
5th year in the NFL, Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers

“Evolv has helped me on and off the field. There’s nothing like taking my all natural energy booster right before a game! It allows me to focus on what I have to do with great energy to get the job done. Between Evolv Fuel and Limitless, there is no better way to have yourself ready to perform at the highest level.”



ESWPN is a special program to partner with athletes, coaches, trainers and wellness providers to help share the benefits of the Evolv products and brand using a partnership/sponsorship format.

ESWPN is open to New and Current Evolv Members!

See Program Summary for details and eligibility guidelines.


The EvolvHealth Change Your Life, Change the World™ Mission is to eradicate childhood malnutrition by enabling millions to Reboot their health using our proprietary line of advanced nutritional products. This mission is powered by our revolutionary Social Business 3.0 model that sustainably funds our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative, while richly rewarding those who choose to champion our cause.

*The above counter estimates the servings of nutrition donated through Buy 1, Nourish 2™. It is an approximation used for promotional purposes only. Visit any Evolv Member’s website for the most up-to-date count.


The average trainer or clinician only gets paid for the hours in front of their clients and patients. By offering a repeat income potential through the powerful EvolvHealth science-driven product line, we can help our Partners offer better services to their clients by facilitating better recovery and training impact when their clients are NOT in their direct care.


How it Works

As a coach, trainer, gym-owner, doctor, nutritionist, or other wellness, fitness, or sports practitioner with a business founded on an owner/client relationship, you have already done the hard part! To become a Partner with ESWPN, follow simple steps summarized below (full program guidelines HERE):


Please make sure you are approved for ESWPN before enrolling with Evolv! Fill out the online application below (for yourself as the Applicant, or for a prospective Partner on your team), and wait for the confirmation email.


NEW MEMBERS have up to 28 days from their Start Date with Evolv to apply for ESWPN (full details in our Program Guidelines). EXISTING MEMBERS (joined Evolv 29 or more days ago) have separate qualification guidelines:

  • Personally enroll 2 new ESWPN Partners with a Partner or Champion Reboot Kit + qualifying Autoship (to maintain Active Evolv status), or 4 new ESWPN Partners with a Total Reboot Kit + qualifying Autoship (to maintain Active Evolv status)
  • Fill out the program application below within 28 days of achieving either of the above

ESWPN Program Coordinator, Shane Johnson, will reach out to you personally to be sure your questions are answered and get you started. CONTACT SHANE

Ready To Apply?

NOTE: Application is not a guarantee of acceptance! Please read:

Click the tab below to open our simple online application to get the ball rolling. We will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in ESWPN!

Leaving fields blank may delay your application! Please fill out completely.

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Why did you choose Evolv and ESWPN?

Who introduced you to this Program (Your Sponsor)?

What products do you use?
LifeBarLimitlessFuelFixShakeDailyOther (Kits, Packs, etc)

How do you incorporate the products into your day, and what results have you noticed?

How will you incorporate Evolv into your training/health practice?

Describe your other activities/hobbies/interests outside of work:

Please upload at least one photo you are comfortable being used for promotional purposes (required, JPG or PNG less than 2MB only)



Click through to go to the individual partner page to view photos hear their personal stories. Click the buttons below to expand the Partner Directory (new listings added regularly).

Abbruzzese, Allan — Tennis Coach
Adams, Jordan — Tennis Coach
Addington, Marci — Tennis Coach
Bell, Craig — Tennis Coach
Bielmeier, Derick — PUSH Personal Fitness (Owner)
Campbell, Rachelle 
Capozzoli, Chris
Carrano, Chris
Ceballos, Rochelle — Triathlete & Fitness Coach
Clark, Jerome — Arena Football Team (Owner)
Clark, Lara — Fast Athlete USA
Commodore, Crystal — Bodybuilder & Trainer
Corbett, Randy — Wheelchair Tennis
Cunningham, Valri — Personal Trainer, Valufitness
Custance, Mikayla — Trainer & Figure Competitor

More added regularly, check back often!

Feinberg, Steve — Personal Trainer, Speed Ball Fitness
Green, Gage — OSU/LA Dodgers
Link Coming Soon!

More added regularly, check back often!

Harkins, Todd — NHL (Ret.) & Hockey Coach
Hernandez, Mario — Tennis Coach/Lipscomb Univ.
Link Coming Soon!
Howell, Corey — Surfer
Hubbard, Carolyn — Tri-Athlete
Jackson, Mark — NFL (Retired)
Johnson, Steven — NFL (Steelers)
Jones, Scott — Personal Trainer
Kouba, David — NSCA-CPT, ACF, PFT, IRONMAN® Certified Coach
Logan, Sue —Coach (Swimming)
Lyhne, Colette — Bikini Competitor, BCABBA

More added regularly, check back often!

Major, Raymond — Tennis Coach
Mcphalen, Kimberly — Figure Competitor et al
Nightingale, Teresa — Pacesetter Athletics
Palko, Joe — ACMS Sports Nutritionist, OT, Trainer, Core Fitness (Owner)
Pippen, Crystal Commodore — Trainer/Body-builder
Ridenour, Malcolm — Tennis Coach
Robertson, Brendan — Canadian National Triathlete
Ruthven, Shawn — Hockey Coach
Saunders, Angela — Canadian National Triathlete
Sauriol, Jean Yves — Triathlete
Seward, Breanne — ActiveBody Nutrition (Owner)
Skelly, Tim
Strickland, Dr. Dawn — Chiropractic & Fitness/Nutrition
Tucker, Blair
Vaughn, Rashad — NBA (Milwaukee Bucks)
Link Coming Soon!
Wade, Marco — Personal Trainer
Welker, Duke — AAA Baseball (Giants)
Whyte, Kristy — Trainer

More added regularly, check back often!

Bremer, Dr. Angela — Chiropractor, Advanced Nutrition
Brown, Lisa — Massage & Integrated Therapy
Clark, Chad — Yoga Instructor
Dronen, Lisa — Acupuncturist
Dupuy, Dr. Joseph — Chiropractor
Ferretti, Penny — Reiki and Energy Work
Harding, Lisa — Plastic Surgeon
Harkins, Kirsten — Yoga Instructor
Hazim, Dr. Jeff — Chiropractor, Nutrition Expert
Henss, Dr. Bryan — Chiropractor, US Wrestling Wellness Advisor
Hernandez, Dr. Maritza
Jensen, Dr. Bill — Physician
Kerman, Heidi — Registered Dietitian
Lasnier, Lucy — NP & Clinical Massage Therapist
Lee, Dr. David — Wellness Revolution Chiropractor
Logan, Daphne — Yoga & Plant-based nutrition
Logan, Sue

More added regularly, check back often!

Munday, Joyce — Massage Therapist
Murray, Tricia — Nutrition Consultant
Newell, Edie — Acupuncturist
Ortega, Marlene — Nurse
Rai, Dr. Kimit — Surgeon (Private Practice)
Rai Clinic Aesthetica, The — Aesthetic Surgery
Seaman, Dr. Brooks — Doctor of Chiropractic
Seidenberg, Annemarie — MDiv, ND, RMT
Strickland, Dawn BS, DC, CFT — Chiropractor & Nutrition Consultant
Stroikov, Pavel — Physical Therapist
Toliver, Susan — Licensed Aesthetician, RMT
Troncoso, Dr. Carla — Chiropractor
Webster, Dr. Victoria — Roswell Health & Injury Chiropractor

More added regularly, check back often!


ESWPN Partner, Chiropractor, and Certified Fitness Trainer Dr. Dawn Strickland discusses the cornerstone of our health program, our nutritious and delicious products.



  • Receive free Evolv products monthly (customizable Kits)
  • Extra repeat monthly income
  • Access to Sports/Wellness Coordinator for assistance
  • Cash sponsorship bonuses available as your Evolv sales grow
  • Co-branding for your business through Evolv website and social media
  • Help eradicate childhood malnutrition with every serving of Evolv product sold


  • $300-$500 free welcoming pack the week you sign up (depending on the sign-up Kit purchased, shipping not included)
  • Up to $500 in free product every month (restrictions apply)
    Up to $6,000 in sponsorship funds towards an approved charitable or sporting event of your choosing
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are helping your clients/patients become healthier through better daily options while helping to eradicate childhood malnutrition worldwide
ESWPN - Shane Johnson


Sports, Wellness & Recognition Coordinator

Shane has 30 years of experience in the sports industry, from coaching to managing tennis resorts and sport facilities nation wide. He is a two-time college All-American tennis player and has held rankings as high as 6th in the Nation during his athletic career.