Evolv – let’s step up as an Evolv family and support those devastated over the past few days by Hurricane Harvey, torrential rains and flooding.

Convoy of Hope, our partner in our mission of HOPE in Mexico, is already on the scene in Houston and ready to partner with us in this flood relief effort.

Please join us in our HOPE actions for Harvey victims:

  1. Evolv is sending Shakes and LifeBars as much needed nutritional support to these displaced families.
  2. Evolv is taking in supplies at our headquarters (5001 Spring Valley Road, Suite 500W Dallas, Texas 75244) and will be traveling to the Houston area to drop these supplies at designated relief locations.
    1. Please support this effort by bringing in the following by Friday, September 1:
      • Blankets
      • Disposable Diapers
      • Clean clothing and shoes
      • Bottled water
      • Toilet paper
      • Paper towels
      • Trash bags
      • Toiletries Underwear (new)
      • Cleaning supplies
      • Other non-perishable items
  3. Evolv requests you donate to the flood relief effort through Convoy of Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to distributing relief to flood victims. The Evolv family relief fund has been set up for your donations and will be tracked to this Evolv Flood Relief Effort:

Please stop what you’re doing right now and gather supplies to drop off at the home office or donate to the relief effort using the links provided above.

This is a time when people need support beyond anything they ever imagined. Let’s step up as a family and be the hand they so desperately need.

Thank you in advance for showing your heart and helping Evolv show our special brand of HOPE in this time of need.

In Hope,

Brent Hicks and Trey White