My athletic career started initially in track, then Triathlon, with a 10 year hiatus to have kids and be a weekend warrior. Now I’m back to Triathlon to make the World championships in Kona and Worlds past 7 yrs. The Evolv products were introduced to me last summer and “raised my game ” to the point that I won Nationals, and giving me the edge I was looking for with recovery training & competing. The products work on my body’s cellular level, which makes the difference between a top 10 performance and a winning performance. I work, train, and have kids that are athletes all using the products. The Evolv and the Reboot are the “Lamborghini” of products out there!

I use the Fix/Fuel during training /racing, the Shake for recovery and prior to an event, the Limitless post-event, and the Evolv LifeBar for daily consumption, to satisfy night cravings if I have them, and for the benefits of consuming a healthy bar vs a chocolate bar. I also take the Evolv Daily…it covers everything your body wants!

I feel grateful and give thanks to this wonderful company that also gives back! Looking forward to some awesome performance from my own racing this year and from my 4 kid athletes! Thank you, Evolv!

Carolyn Hubbard
Triathlete Canadian National Team Member