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Educated at Harvard College and earning a BA in Psychology and Social Relations, David began his pursuit of healing the whole person. David studied and received a Masters of Acupuncture Degree in 1983 from Maryland University of Integrative Health in Laurel, MD. He is also a licensed and ordained pastor, and is currently a PhD candidate in pastoral counseling.

In 2002, David and his family moved from Jacksonville, FL to Renton, WA where he established One New Man Healing Center. In addition, he and his wife Lisa established both One New Man Ministry; Destiny House Restoration Center, a non-profit for victims of human trafficking, and Lisa Mitts Music. They are also two of the Washington State coordinators for Family Foundations International, which conducts healing seminars known collectively as The Ancient Path Seminars.

David is a Washington State licensed East Asian Medical Practitioner (E.A.M.P) and has four children and two grandchildren.

David Mitts, BA, LAc, EAMP

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I am grateful for the Evolv products personally: After a traumatic brain injury in July 2002 that brought my life and chiropractic work to several heightened new levels, I began seeking the proper nutrition for mental health and acuity. The combination of the various Evolv products has allowed me to have a rigorous schedule without the mental recovery I used to require in the past. Not only have my sugar cravings gone and stayed away completely, I’ve noticed improvements in my back comfort and flexibility. I have more range of motion and can sit for longer periods of time than I used to.

I am grateful for the Evolv products professionally: My neuro-muscular patterning techniques and health recommendations help everyone from athletes seeking peak performance training to chronic condition sufferers looking for a better, healthier life when nothing else seems to help. I confidently recommend the Evolv products that I know will get the results people are looking and longing for: My athletic patients notice faster recovery time between workouts, increased strength and speed, fewer aches during  prolonged training, and more stamina/energy during and post workouts; My patients start to naturally feel better in their body, which gives them hope and a better outlook in life, less stiffness, tightness, soreness and more energy and mental clarity, and so much more.

It is a gift and blessing to be a facilitator for one’s health and life, and to witness miracles most every day.

Sarah Peters BA DC ART-Ironman® CST


As a chiropractor and certified fitness trainer, I strive to help my patients with inflammation issues. I believe the EvolvHealth Reboot and its products offer an option that tastes great while they support the body in a variety of areas through whole food nutrition.

I have been using supplements a long time and have never had so much energy as I have since using the Reboot products. I am able to maintain a normal healthy weight with ease. I love being able to give the same supplements to my entire family. With the EvolvHealth products, I feel completely confident in recommending what I see as the best option out there for effective nutritional support.

Dawn Strickland, BS, DC, CFT


I have had an issue with being overweight all of my life. I have tried numerous fads, ideas etc. to control the hunger and binges that I have had for as long as I can remember. In my practice, we treat many people with a variety of health concerns, but I have stayed away from addressing the weight problems that people present with because I personally have not had a good solution for myself. NOW we have the Reboot system!

I had not previously been taught that the fat-burning aspect of the cellular mitochondria can be used as a way to normalize weight and help the body balance other issues associated with overweight. With the Reboot, I not only feel better, I am losing weight. I give thanks for this program, for it provides me and many of my patients with a solution to a life long problem.

David Atiyeh, DC (Chiropractic Neurologist)



As a dietitian I love being able to find another edge to optimum wellness starting with myself and then passing on to others. I love that EVOLV products connect the dots between so many key areas of nutrition: hormones, digestion, immunity, etc. I am happy to offer these whole food options to my clients and anyone looking to improve their regime. It’s simple, tasty and can help people save money on their health now, and definitely in the long run! Huge bonus: we’re nourishing children with Buy 1, Nourish 2™! 

Heidi Kerman, R.D. , L.D.


When I added the Evolv Health line into my already effective system, it supercharged the results we were seeing. It simply made getting great results so much more convenient. That’s it; better results in less time.  I’ll be never go back.

Jeff Hazim, D.C.

“I recently started using LifeBars, Shakes, Limitless and Daily as recommended, and have noticed several changes in how I feel. Since I started, I have lost 5 pounds! I am not hungry, and feel more flexible upon rising. I am recommending these products to friends and family!”

Joyce Munday, LMT

We have noticed improved energy and sleep quality using the Fuel and Fix. Others have reported decreased discomfort and irritability when using the Limitless.

John Salva, MPT & Michelle Dickson, DPT, Co-Owners of Impact Physio, LLC

Evolv products have further defined what overall wellness means to my family. The shakes and energy bars, which are great tasting, have become daily meal replacements. I personally have benefited from Limitless, feeling less discomfort with activity…and certainly first thing out of bed in the morning. We feel great using these products!

Dr. Lana M. Grzybicki

I’d really like to describe my experience with EvolvHealth and the entire product line as simply as I can.  They taste great, are easy to use, are extremely effective, and the results can be duplicated by anyone.

Dr. Andrea Hazim, B.S. Nutrition, D.C.

I struggled with digestive discomfort my whole life. Now that I am eating clean and my body is getting a whole new kind of support, everything changed for me for the better!  I’ll never go a day without my Limitless.

Courtney Johnson MS, CCC-SLP
PRN Speech-Language Pathologist

I’ve gotten excellent results with the Evolv products. They’re effective and because they are affordable and taste great, I’ve found that my patients stay on them long term.

Gene Stewart, DOM, AP

Working in fitness and health, I would often get asked about which products I would recommend taking that would help them to achieve their goals. I had never been able to offer my clients a solution to that question until I found the Evolv product line. I can now, in good conscious, offer them a product that I believe in and can get behind 100%!

Kristy Whyte, BA Kin, RHN, PTS, FIS


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