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Chronic inflammation (known as the silent killer) has been identified as the trigger mechanism to multiple chronic conditions. But most recently it was identified as the main cause for restricting the hormone  (leptin) that enables our bodies to burn fat. The LifeBar is the only whole food product on the market specifically designed to address chronic inflammation and the rebooting of your fat burning hormones to help you achieve health and sustainable fat loss.


We believe that a healthy lifestyle should be simple. That’s why we’ve created the best natural, science-driven products that are simple, clean, and great-tasting! Replace your bad habits with smart choices, replace your current spending and save money, and you can enjoy the benefits of Simple Health with Evolv, too!

Evolv Lifebar

Our advanced nutritional products provide a healthier option to the foods and “quick solutions” that so many are eating today, that are slowly affecting their health. Each natural product is formulated to work in complete harmony with your body’s normal cellular functions of defense, repair, and regeneration while supporting a gut health and digestion, and reducing the body’s risks of chronic inflammation.