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Our products are perfectly designed to meet you at your level of fitness and help you reach the next level naturally, with powerful results. Hundreds of ahtletes, coaches, personal trainers, bodybuilders, weekend warriors, marathoners, and competitive athletes are reaching new personal records and heights of physical fitness thanks to our products. Read below for success stories from just a few of our happy customers.

Featured Athlete

“As a triathlete, I need to stay on top of my game in all ways when it comes to my health. The Evolv products have allowed me to continue to build, climb and find a higher peak performance than my last. Even for my long duration workouts, my recovery time is through-the-roof amazing and builds the confidence I need for my next workout.

When training for the 16-hr Ironman Wisconsin — one of the toughest because of its hills and my first 140.6 Ironman — I knew my body was going to be under some deep stress. With the Evolv products at my side, I knew I was in good hands. During the race, I had to take time out because my body needed nutrition earlier than expected. After eating an extra Lifebar, a little bit of the Shake and a “Fixel” (Fix & Fuel mixed together), I started to bounce back and feel better. I was surprised at how fast my body recovered and my energy levels improved throughout the race. After the race, I was exhausted, but the next day I was surprised that my body felt pretty good after just a few stretches and an Epsom salts bath.

After 3 years of using the Evolv products, my body continues to improve and strive forward in every fitness level & challenge I give it. I look forward to training for my next Ironman with all the Evolv products at my side. Thank you, Evolv, for the nutritional support and the quick recovery turnaround I need to be at the top of my game.”

Savannah Oeltjen
Triathlete, Tri-Coach, and Personal Trainer

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As an athlete my entire childhood, I grew up having a passion and appreciation for leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. In 2007, I became a fitness trainer and quickly realized that there was a satisfaction for me in this field greater than the physical therapy career I was pursuing. However, as quickly as I found the satisfaction of working with many types of people and guiding them through various fitness outcomes, I also began to realize that people needed more. Fast forward a few years to 2013, when I launched the center for change and accountability — Health and Fitness Enterprises. The programs and services offered are geared toward educating clients, prioritizing their needs, and creating a plan of action that will build the healthy mind, body, spirit habits needed to succeed for a lifetime of goals. This creates a holistic approach that encompasses purpose and reality to prepare for change. With this in mind, I have chosen to incorporate Reboot as a part of Strategic Solutions, the beginning program for all clients, which creates a platform for an action plan. The EvolvHealth mission to eradicate malnutrition satisfies my personal desire to give back and work purposefully, while the Reboot kit spearheads the message of “stop and make a change for health.” And as for Helping Other People Evolve (HOPE), all of us in the health and fitness industry organically live and work in this message. It’s our fulfillment in doing what we do!

Melissa Lopez
Fitness Strategist/Fitness Trainer

As an elite beach volleyball athlete, I need to stay on top of my health to perform at my best, and Evolv has helped me do this. I’ve never been the one to want to use supplements or special drinks/bars while competing, until I started to notice during long events I became more tired and my recovery was suffering, some of which was resulting in me being not at my best the next day during competition.

While using Evolv Fuel packets and Lifebars before and during practices/competitions, I’ve felt more energized and my recovery has definitely improved. I double up on Limitless beet pills after hard workouts or a competition day, along with immediately drinking an Evolv Shake after a match, and I have noticed a significant difference in how I feel the following day, allowing me to compete better and longer during multiple day events. Evolv has helped me to compete at my best, longer and stronger. Loving these products!

Brittany Tiegs
Pro Beach Volleyball Competitor

Evolv products are very versatile. We have athletes using these products as supplements to complement their daily food intake. In addition to this, the Reboot program has had positive results in a number of ways such as weight loss, more energy, clearer thinking, more restful sleep, etc.  I personally use the products as well and love the results I am noticing!

Rachelle Campbell
Certified Swim Coach/Personal Trainer, Owner of F.I.T. Personal Training Service

It’s simple and reliable. Fuel before and during a match, Fix after. I never need to change my formula.

Kristin O’Keefe

My athletic career started initially in track, then Triathlon, with a 10 year hiatus to have kids and be a weekend warrior. Now I’m back to Triathlon to make the World championships in Kona and Worlds past 7 yrs. The Evolv products were introduced to me last summer and “raised my game ” to the point that I won Nationals, and giving me the edge I was looking for with recovery training & competing. The products work on my body’s cellular level, which makes the difference between a top 10 performance and a winning performance. I work, train, and have kids that are athletes all using the products. The Evolv and the Reboot are the “Lamborghini” of products out there!

I use the Fix/Fuel during training /racing, the Shake for recovery and prior to an event, the Limitless post-event, and the Evolv LifeBar for daily consumption, to satisfy night cravings if I have them, and for the benefits of consuming a healthy bar vs a chocolate bar. I also take the Evolv Daily…it covers everything your body wants!

I feel grateful and give thanks to this wonderful company that also gives back! Looking forward to some awesome performance from my own racing this year and from my 4 kid athletes! Thank you, Evolv!

Carolyn Hubbard
Triathlete Canadian National Team Member

As a former NCAA D1 athlete at the University of Minnesota, I’ve been able to compete with world level athletes.  After starting the EvolvHealth products, my performance and recovery went through the roof. I could feel the difference during my training sessions and it continued to get better the longer I took the products.  I worked harder but yet fatigued later as my endurance was better than it ever had been.  My recovery was time was reduced and I could continuously get on the mat day in and day out with minimal muscle discomfort. Since graduating from the U of M, I’ve focused on adding more muscle through strength training and I’ve had great success! I’m stronger than I was in college and my body has never felt this clean in my entire life!

Tony Morrow
D1 wrestler for UM (Graduated)

A former professional figure skater, Kirsten was drawn to the movement, strength and grace of yoga asana starting in 2001 during a family health crisis, which led her to a great deal of advocacy work in Canada. In the spring of 2015, she enrolled in the Karma Teachers College.

From personal experience, she realized that the Evolv science-driven, natural products were a perfect complement to her healthy lifestyle and yoga practice, while allowing her to make a difference in people’s lives. She is excited to share her experience with professional athletics and her passion for yoga and for the HOPE Movement with others seeking tools for transformation.

Kirsten Harkins
Former Professional Figure Skater, Yoga Teacher

I thoroughly enjoy the Evolv products. I eat a LifeBar mid-game everyday — they give me energy & a feeling of fullness & strength for hours. I also take 2 Limitless before and after each game. I know it has helped tremendously with recovery after I pitch, and I have not had any discomfort after throwing. Thanks, Evolv!

Duke Welker
MLB Pitcher

Evolv has helped me on and off the field. There’s nothing like taking my all natural energy booster right before a game! It allows me to focus on what I have to do with great energy to get the job done. Between Evolv Fuel and Limitless, there is no better way to have yourself ready to perform at the highest level.

Steven Johnson
NFL, Steelers

I picked sports at an early age and never looked back. I had the opportunity to play college football and then go on to play semi-professionally. In addition to athletics, I have been a personal trainer for 16 years and have owned my personal training business for 6 years. Over the years, my body had taken a beating, and I wasn’t feeling my best. After the Reboot kit, I lost 15 lbs of fat and I now feel better than ever. I use the products every day, and after I experienced such great results, it only made sense for me to share it with my clients, friends, and family. Evolv has made a positive impact in my personal life and a bigger impact in my professional career.

Derick Bielmeier

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The EvolvHealth products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your physician regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen.

On Fuel & Fix — “It tastes good, and makes me feel energetic.”

Vinnie O’Keefe

I began using Evolv products about a year ago to help me lose weight and to reduce the discomfort in my joints from athletics-related injuries suffered in my teens and twenties. I had been living a largely sedentary lifestyle until I found Evolv. Since then I have been able to begin hiking again and especially have begun swimming.

I started swimming after watching my wife, a former collegiate swimmer, and my daughter, a current competitive swimmer, stay in shape and improve their health through swimming. I use Limitless every day to help my body manage joint discomfort and other issues.  I also drink chocolate Shake mixed with water after my workout as a recovery drink. I also use Evolv Daily twice a day to keep my digestive health in line. The Lifebar and Fix are a great afternoon snack that helps me curb the stress of a busy and stressful office job, and manage those nagging carb cravings.

Since starting the Reboot and Evolv products, I have lost close to 30 pounds, and gone from having a sedentary life to being active and excited about life with my family again. My daughter and I love hiking and have made several excursions, and are planning many more. I also have goals to build up my endurance so I can swim in a Master’s Swimming competition in 2017.

Ryan Monroe
Former Athlete in Training as a Competitive Swimmer

As a head coach for Division 1 collegiate athletes and a former nationally ranked player myself, I became tired of being out of shape and overweight. I couldn’t lead by example to my athletes and preach a healthy lifestyle if I wasn’t doing the same myself. I knew how to workout and new a bit about nutrition, but my attempts at figuring out the best nutrition practices on my own didn’t lead to results, which is why I chose to try the Evolv Reboot. After starting, I lost 13 pounds and wasn’t really working out either, though once I started to see the results it motivated me to start working out consistently to start seeing more results. Now, I’m hooked on living a healthy and a more active lifestyle and I don’t plan on looking back!

Mario Hernandez
D1 Head Coach

When I saw Evolv, I was 3rd string jv (wrestling). I started taking the products every day. The biggest impact they had for me was significantly reduced recovery time and I was never sore anymore. I’m sure you can imagine how huge that is when you’re doing 2-3 grueling workouts every single day. So it boils down to the compound effect. [expand title=”Read More”] I started taking the products at the start of my junior season and went from 3rd string jv at the start to NCAA national qualifier. Then compound the effects of a whole summer of incredible quality training and another season of wrestling, and. my senior year I took 2nd in the nation at 133lbs at the NCAA National Tournament and our team won the national championship! [/expand]

Chad Bartschenfeld

As professional athlete, I love how clean the products are. To be able to preform at a higher lever and recover faster is absolutely phenomenal especially when the products are all natural.

Chad Curry
Pro MMA Fighter
Click to watch Chad share the athletic impact of the Evolv Reboot

The Evolv product line has been life-changing for me. At 52 I’m feeling vibrantly healthy: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you Evolv!

After a 9 yr career in the NFL, I found myself in some of the worst shape of my life, feeling bad, and I had gained over 28 pounds. I was burning both ends of the candle chasing business opportunities to maintain my lifestyle. I took a challenge from a friend to address my bad health habits. I began with a group of products that gave me a convenient way to make better choices. Those good habits drastically improved how I felt, and my energy levels went through the roof! I lost 23lbs, and I’ve kept it off! Thank you, Evolv.

In addition, after my NFL career ended, I found myself psychologically unemployable. I enjoyed my freedom too much and I never found an employer willing to pay me what I believed I was worth, so I’ve owned several businesses. I’ve found that leveraging a business is even more difficult than working a job. 

Evolv offered me a DREAM OPPORTUNITY: mobility, no employees, unlimited income potential while improving my health and IMPACTING the planet! What could be better? Social Business 3.0 is the wave of the future, NOW!!! Thank you Evolv!

Mark Jackson
NFL (Retired), Entrepreneur

Mady is a 13 year old competitive swimmer. She began using Evolv products in October 2015, and uses Limitless every day to help her with reducing muscle soreness from the strenuous workouts in swimming. She will also drink a Shake, usually vanilla, to help her rebuild muscle and build on her strength and conditioning. She also uses Fix every day to help her hydrate. On tough practice days and especially before meets, Mady will get her energy level up with Evolv Fuel. Mady is crazy about Lifebars, and we have to monitor the supply since she would choose them over typical chocolate candy any day of the week!

Mady has had a great year in swimming since starting with Evolv. She has improved from beginner time standards and has begun achieving “A” standards for her age group. She has shown huge improvements in her endurance and especially in her confidence. She is trying new events and stepping out and trying new things in swimming. Evolv has made a huge difference in her life.

Mady Monroe’s Mom & Dad

Evolv has taken my triathlon training to the next level. I am feeling stronger, lighter, healthier, and more energetic! The meal replacement shakes have been very helpful nutrition-wise. I am constantly on the go and cooking 3 meals a day is difficult, so replacing one meal with a Shake is very helpful. Plus they taste great! Along with the Shakes, Fuel and Fix have been lifesavers when it comes to energy. I am no longer feeling tired at 2pm from a long workout in the morning. They keep me going throughout the day. Last, but certainly not least, Limitless has saved me during training. I haven’t felt fatigue after my workouts. It has helped my recovery tremendously, which means I can go into every swim, bike, or run at a higher level.

Rochelle Ceballos

I love EvolvHealth’s products because they come from food and are clean. Limitless helped me be recover from an injury that I was told I might not come back from. The shakes and bars taste incredible and help make meals simple and easy. [expand title=”Read More”] Fuel takes my endurance to a whole new level while Fix allows me never to get stressed. 3 years on this program and I continue to reach new physical heights. Thanks EvolvHealth! [/expand]

Joel Bauman
D1 Wrestler

The EVOLV products are the real deal!  I have a very clean diet, and keep an extremely high standard to what I put in my body. I have come to love what EVOLV is all about. The products, the mission and the business.[expand title=”Read More”]Whether you are interested in shedding a few pounds, changing your lifestyle, helping others or gaining an athletic edge ELOLV is for you.
I have raced mountain bikes Professionally for the last 4 years. My primary focus is Ultra Endurance, mainly 24hr races. My ultra intense training along with a demanding job in the hospitality field takes its toll. My body is continuously in need of rest and repair, this is something that I have struggled with managing. Especially my lower back, it has plagued me with daily discomfort and suffering.  After a very short time of using EVOLV Fuel, Fix, Limitless and chowing  down on the Life Bar, my back has never felt so good!!! I truly feel that the inflammation that has has owned me, has been defeated!!!! Thank you EVOLV!!

Jake Wade

Fuel energizes us for our workouts on court. During the change overs we snack on a life bar. And Fix helps us recover post sessions!

Malcolm Ridenour

I am one of the owners of the Dayton Wolfpack Arena Football team. I am 50 years old. I am a Disabled Veteran, and I was in the army for 12 years. I ended up having knee replacement surgery 3 years ago.

After hearing about Evolv Limitless, I decided to give it a try just to help me get through the day, as I was having to stand on concrete all day. I started to feel a little better in one week. After two weeks I was feeling so great that I wanted to be a part of the ESPWN program. I am very excited to show others what Evolv offers.

Jerome Blark

“My job is to improve every aspect of my clients physiology: stamina, strength, cardiovascular output, flexibility and power. [expand title=”Read More”]There is a pile of fitness supplements out there from which to choose. I chose Evolv because it is the CLEAN way to take your training to a higher intensity.”[/expand]

Scott Jones

I have been using the Evolv products for 9 months. I take the beet pills (Limitless) twice a day. I am tennis instructor and I am on my feet for 3-6 hours at a time. After I began taking Limitless, I noticed how much better I was feeling, and my body seemed to recover with no trouble, and I’m just feeling better all around, even in ways I was not expecting. The chocolate Shakes are my favorite for breakfast or after a hard work out. The Fix is my other favorite after a tennis match or on a sleepy afternoon at work…it helps me get through the afternoon without caffeine. My son and sister love the Shakes, too. My personal trainer will not go a day without the beet pills! These are great products, and they have really done great for me.

Marci Addington

As a busy personal trainer, single mom, and coach, I use Evolv products to keep me fueled, motivated, and free of discomfort. The convenient packaging helps making good choices while on the go easy. Fuel has become my favorite due to its all natural properties and crash/jitter-free energy! I use it more than once a day, every day!

Kristalyn Birdine
Personal Trainer

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained on this website is for educational purposes only.

Results may vary. Any claims or testimonials on this site are not intended to reflect typical results, and are submitted by Members, who both use the products and receive a commission off of product sales to others.

The EvolvHealth products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your physician regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen.