Get healthier with the Reboot, then STAY healthier with one of our targeted Product Packs, offering sustainable nutritional solutions for use on an ongoing basis. All Product Packs also support our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative.

Stay Healthy Complete

About $10 per day gets you 42 meals (LifeBar & Shake), 28 snacks (Fix), plus digestive, immune, and inflammatory support (Immūn, Daily & Limitless):

Cost: $299/mo

B1N2 Servings Donated: 154/month

Stay Healthy Basic

About $5 per day gets you 42 meals and/or snacks (LifeBar & Shake), plus digestive and immune support (Daily):

Cost: $166/mo

B1N2 Servings Donated: 70/month

Integrative Health Pack

About $5 per day gets you nutritional, digestive and immune support for integrative health:

Cost: $179/mo

B1N2 Servings Donated: 84/month


Performance Pack

About $7 per day gets you support targeted to athletic fitness and recovery:

Cost: $199/mo

B1N2 Servings Donated: 98/month