I JOINED THE HOPE MOVEMENT TO reboot my metabolism & lose fat for good

Science is proving that rebound weight gain isn’t all your fault.

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The reboot has given me back HOPE.

Before I went on the Biggest Loser™, I was weighing in at over 400 lbs.

My doctor said that if I didn’t take care of it, I wouldn’t see 50 years old. I was in bad shape, and didn’t see a way out. That’s when I discovered the show that would change my life.

[expand title=”Read the Details”]One night, I saw my wife watching this TV show about overweight people losing huge amounts of weight, and something lit up inside of me. I thought if I had the kind of support and accountability the people on that show were giving, I could really do it. I could lose the weight. I ended up trying out for the show 3 seasons in a row, and finally made it on in Season 8 of The Biggest Loser™.

The journey was incredible. I ended up becoming the record-breaking biggest loser by both pounds and percentage of body weight lost in the entire history of the show, and in fact 8 years later I still hold the record for most percentage points lost among the men. I liked to joke that I ended up being “half the man” I was and it was true! I lost 239 pounds, bringing me down to a healthy weight of just 191, in a great range for a man of my height and age.[/expand]


Over 16 million people in the US and over 15 million more worldwide witnessed one of the happiest moments of my life on television.

After the show, I continued to maintain the habits I learned on the show, I ate a healthy diet, and I was careful to maintain my calories within the normal range expected, while exercising 2 hours a day (a lot, though not the 6-7 hours a day I did during the show). I felt like I finally had a handle on my habits.

slowly, very slowly, the weight crept back.

No matter how good my habits were, the scale crawled upward to the tune of about a pound every 3-4 weeks.

On top of that, I once again began feeling cravings that made eating well a daily struggle.

Even though I did eat well… [expand title=”Read More”] I gained back over 100 lbs, and was over 300 lbs again. I was worried, and so discouraged. I had stayed in touch with many of the other contestants and they, too, were experiencing this rebound weight gain, and were forced to eat far less and work out far more than the average person, just to slow it down, let alone to stay even.

The scientists who had tested the metabolism of all of the contestants at the beginning and end of Season 8 reached out to us six years later for a follow-up. Before the show, our metabolisms were as expected. After the show, they were much lower, which nobody thought much about at the time.[/expand]

The test results from the NIH study six years after the show revealed that our metabolisms had been truly damaged, and most were EVEN LOWER than they had been at the end of Season 8. That meant we would have to eat much less than average just to maintain. For myself and a few others, maintenance meant 800+ calories less than average every day — as though I rolled out of bed each morning having already eaten a burger and fries. And our cravings were through the roof.

It was a nightmare. Was I going to get back to 430 lbs again, or worse? Would my own body fight me every day for the rest of my life? Even though the news was grave, I was determined NOT to be a victim.

When the NY Times article came out, I felt both validated — and afraid.

The fact that there is a scientific basis for obesity and rebound weight gain proved that I was not crazy, and that my level of will power was not at fault, as society and the producers on the show would have had us believe.

I was then approached by what seemed like every weight loss company in the world, offering to pay me to try their products. My head was in a whirl, but there was nothing new here.

I didn’t know what to do, so I asked myself, “Do I want a PAY out, or a WAY out?”

I turned down every single endorsement offer and kept looking for real answers.

that’s when a friend called.

Dr. Jeff Hazim and his wife Dr. Andrea, old acquaintances I’d met some time ago, knew a lot about nutrition, and had been helping people get back to their fat-burning metabolisms for years.

Dr. Jeff explained to me how low calorie diets and hours of exercise were actually working AGAINST my body’s natural processes, were NOT sustainable, and did NOT address the root of the problem.

[expand title=”Read the Details”]He said I needed to turn on my natural fat-burning mechanisms again, so my body could use fat for energy in an efficient way. He had recently partnered with a company that had designed a kit to make it not only possible to Reboot my fat-burning metabolism, but made it simple, convenient, and also helped to nourish children in need at the same time. He immediately had my attention.[/expand]

It turns out the root of the metabolism problem is a hormone called “leptin,” just as the NIH study proved. That study basically confirmed that you could lose all the weight you want, but if you don’t reboot your fat-burning mechanisms ALSO, you can all but guarantee you will experience a weight gain rebound, back to where you started…or worse! This made perfect sense to me, so I decided to give the products a try.

in 3 days, my cravings were gone.

That’s when I knew that I had my hands on something special, and wanted to know more. Dr. Jeff shared with me the EvolvHealth mission to eradicate all childhood malnutrition-related deaths globally through a Buy 1, Nourish 2™ program they started, being the first Social Business 3.0 company in the world.

[expand title=”Read More”]This meant that for every serving of Evolv products sold, they would donate a full day’s serving of good quality vitamins & minerals to children in need. They had partnered with MannaRelief and their founder Sam Caster.  Talk about a blessed message!  I had met Sam at the SAME speaker’s conference in Tulsa that I’d met Dr. Jeff at a few years back, and was introduced to his desire to use Social Business 3.0 to solve the problems of the most vulnerable children in the world. I knew when I met him that his passion and capacity for reaching children worldwide was genuine, and here was more proof.[/expand]


Danny on ABC News in the aftermath of the NY Times article.

It’s like everything clicked into place in an instant.

All at once I could see that my purpose, my passion, and my desire to leverage all of my experiences — from my successes to my well-publicized defeats — could be used to help other people, to lift them up and inspire them, to help them Reboot their leptin sensitivity AND nourish children in need, all at the same time. 

And that all of it could be accomplished with the help of one simple vehicle, the Evolv Reboot Program. I knew I had to jump on board and champion the most powerful platform available to eradicate nutrition issues in both of the largest groups of malnourished people in the world; the overweight, overfed malnourished, and the underweight, underfed malnourished alike.

that’s where you come in.

Thousands just like me are already Rebooting their leptin sensitivity and achieving amazing results geared toward lasting, long-term health. You can, too. I invite you to join the HOPE Movement and Reboot your life, get your health and your HOPE back, Lose Fat For Good™ and help us eradicate childhood malnutrition!

What a blessing. What a gift.

Talk to the person who sent you to this page to get started. Or, you can fill out the form below if you have any questions, weren’t referred here by anyone, or simply want more information. The fine people at Evolv are more than happy to help.

stop dieting. start living.


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  • Want better digestion and health in general
  • Want to eat better but don’t have time
  • Want to make an impact and feel a sense of purpose

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Welcome to the HOPE Movement!

I feel my story can inspire millions of people worldwide to REBOOT their own health. I believe I can help bring HOPE to the millions who may have felt helpless in this global epidemic of obesity and poor health. And by doing that, make a real impact on the world’s most vulnerable children. My wife Darci and I are excited to dive into this project, and we are inviting you to come along with us. This is a true answer to our prayers for our family.  This is our opportunity to use everything we have been through to forge a legacy that will impact generations.

We are so thankful and excited, and are looking forward to meeting you all.


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