Camaron Corr Reaches Visionary Ambassador

Congratulations to new Evolv Visionary Ambassador Camaron! We had a few minutes of Camaron’s time to hear more about what it feels like to reach this prestigious rank, his words of advice to new Evolvers, and much more! View a special video message from EvolvHealth Chairman and Co-Founder Trey White and EvolvHealth CEO Brent Hicks here.

1) First off, a huge congrats on reaching the Visionary Ambassador rank. What does it mean to you to be a Visionary Ambassador with EvolvHealth?

It’s surreal considering where I was last year with my health: I was 269lbs, I had a lack of energy, mild depression, and lack of direction, and today, I am blown away! I thank God daily for bringing Evolv to me! I am in the best shape of my life weighing 218lbs with a 34″ waist and the energy of a 20 year old! And on top of that I’m seeing the rewards of an income that is about to exceed my greatest years at my last company!  Just less than a year ago when we launched the Challenge we were basically getting our footing, building the foundation and now we are in the momentum stage. There is a ton of excitement and amazing results happening with thousands and thousands of people that are getting on the challenge and seeing rapid results. The e84 Challenge doesn’t just give you fast results, but it also brings lasting results, and that is so rewarding to me that I have been promoted to Visionary Ambassador simply by following our mission of helping 8.4 Million people take the Challenge. We have a system and a plan that is so simple that anyone can do it!  The e84 Challenge is revolutionary and we are just getting started!!

2) For a brand new person, who has just decided to join Evolv and Pass It On, what advice can you give them to move through the Evolv Wealth Board Game and reach the Ambassador ranks?

Anyone who wants to reach the Ambassador ranks first needs to understand that this business is all about belief. You must become a product of the e84 Challenge. We have an amazing platform to work from through our technology and products that will fuel your Challenge and ignite your success. This platform will get you results and it will cause you to want to share with others out of the overflow of your belief! So first, get on the Challenge and start exemplifying the Evolv lifestyle and then immediately get on the phone and invite people to Next drive them to a Challenge Party, so they can see first hand how to get on the path of success by getting your products for free. Next you want to make sure you’re plugged in to corporate trainings, showcase events, Saturday trainings, and the Regionals. Make sure you get plugged into the company culture that is flowing from the top down – from the corporate leadership to the field leadership.

3)  You can’t succeed in Evolv without the willingness or desire to inspire H.O.P.E. – Helping Other People Evolv. Who in your team has helped you reach this incredible rank of Visionary Ambassador?

It’s all about my team. It’s always been all about my team. Each and every one of them genuinely cares about people. We’ve got a company and a value proposition and a system in place that we can look anybody in the eye and not have to ever sell them on what we’re about. We can look them in the eye with a clear conscious and invite them to join us. Special thanks to Ryan and Jenny Chamberlin, Les & Crystal Whitaker, Jerome Hughes, Katrina Greenhill, Melissa Boston, Kevin Giguere, Amy Gleeve, Lee Scifres, Freddy Rivera, Bryan Mataya, Tabatha Ricketts, Phyllis Nash, Kenny Lewis, Rick & Bonnie Opitz, Donnie and Mickey Madewell, and especially the corporate team Trey White, Brent Hicks, Dr Anne Bodak Smith, and Josh Higginbotham.

4) Obviously the next milestone for you is HOPE Ambassador, the company’s highest achievement. What is it going to take to reach this pinnacle rank?

It is going to take me helping every single one of the people I mentioned above hit Visionary Ambassador. My goal and my driving desire is to get every single one of these people to Visionary Ambassador, which means we’ll also have 20 Ambassadors underneath them, and then 40 Blue Diamonds under that, and then 60 Diamonds under that! Seeing other people win and helping others flourish is my passion. My overall goal is to have 10 people underneath me making more money than me. That’s how I’ve always led my teams. It’s not about me, it’s about the team and I’m definitely going to make sure that happens.

5) Final questions… What’s Your e84 and why?
Im’ currently  on the e84 FUEL. I’m not looking to lose any more weight – I’ve already lost over 50 pounds from my previous Challenges and I have leaned down. Now, I want to put on about 6 or 7 pounds of muscle mass. Continuing with the FUEL Challenge will make sure that every step I take I get better and better.



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