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FutureCeuticals® Research of Archaea Active™ Results in Unprecedented Endorsement



Dallas, TX — EvolvHealth, LLC is pleased to announce an update on the continued research of the Archaea Active™ formula being conducted by FutureCeuticals®. The second phase of studies, which included ex vivo bioactivity testing of the formula, demonstrated that Archaea Active™ promoted oxygen metabolism and increased ATP production with no associated undesirable increases in lactic acid levels or free radical production. Researchers are not aware of any other supplement or formula, to date, that has the same potential benefits with no known negative effects.

“Increased oxygen uptake without the side effects connected to lactic acid or free radical production is a breakthrough,” says Dr. Newman, renowned researcher.

The ex vivo testing was conducted by FutureCeuticals® using Seahorse Technology as well as their branded TargeTest™ protocol. The Archaea Active™ formula produced measurable ex vivo bioactivity when subjected to the bio-analytical platform.

John M. Hunter, General Manager of FutureCeuticals®, recently announced that due to the continued positive discoveries surrounding research of the Archaea Active™ formula, FutureCeuticals® can now officially endorse the Archaea Active™ proprietary formula found within the Evolv product for its demonstrated ex vivo bioactivity.

“For the first time in our history, we are awarding the FutureCeuticals® TargeTest™ seal of approval to a product we do not manufacture,” said Mr. Hunter. “We have been consistently impressed with the way the Archaea Active™ formula has provided encouraging results while being subjected to the most rigorous, cutting-edge bio-analytical screenings available. As we execute our very carefully designed bio research on Archaea Active™, we look forward to moving into the clinical setting with this technology.”

EvolvHealth, LLC – Committed to Helping People “Evolv”
Trey White, Chairman and Co-Founder of EvolvHealth, LLC says, “With years of product consumption and thousands of anecdotal testimonials behind it, the Archaea Active™ formula was clearly a special product. We are excited about the results from the latest study and are elated that the continued research is confirming what testimonials have been reporting for many years. The FutureCeuticals endorsement of the Archaea Active’s ex vivo bioactivity is further proof that the Archaea Active technology is not only unique but a breakthrough technology.”

About Dr. Robert Newman
Dr. Robert Newman, a renowned medical researcher and Professor Emeritus at at a world renowned research facility, has agreed to consult in regards to further testing of the proprietary Archaea Active™ formula. Dr. Newman, currently Chief Science Officer (CSO) at a major New England nutraceutical company, will advise on future testing procedures, as well as review and analyze test results from outside independent labs.

Dr. Newman’s career has been dedicated to the development of novel therapeutic strategies to improve the quality of life for patients with inflammatory and malignant diseases. His research efforts in several scientific disciplines are nationally recognized, including in the fields of pharmacology, analytical chemistry, drug development, and clinical pharmacology. His work has resulted in more than 300 peer-reviewed publications.

About FutureCeuticals®
FutureCeuticals® is a vertically integrated bio-technology company and raw material supplier specializing in the discovery, development, manufacturing, processing, growing, and marketing of scientifically innovative nutraceuticals, functional foods, probiotics and cosmetic ingredients. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities cover over 2 million square feet of manufacturing space, and include manufacturing locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, California and Europe, as well as a new bio-research laboratory facility in Irvine, California. The facilities encompass full-production and scale-up lines, two quality assurance labs, an HPLC, TLC, GCMS, FTIR reference lab, and a knowledgeable staff of doctoral-level scientists. The Company processes over 60 million pounds of non-GMO fruit, vegetable and grain-based ingredients every year. Privately held and family-owned, FutureCeuticals® is a sister company to Van Drunen Farms ( More information is available at

About EvolvHealth, LLC.
EvolvHealth is a direct sales consumer health company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Its purpose is to help people improve their family’s physical and financial well-being through science-driven products and entrepreneurial opportunities. To learn more about Evolv or become a distributor of the Evolv product, go to

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*ex vivo refers to experimentation or measurements done in or on fluids or tissue in an artificial environment outside the organism with the minimum alteration of natural conditions. Ex vivo conditions allow experimentation under a more controlled environment than is possible in the intact organism.

Archaea Active™ and Cellular O2 On Demand™ are trademarks of Health2o Products, LLC under license by EvolvHealth, LLC. FutureCeuticals® and the TargeTest™ seal of approval are registered trademarks of VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc., used under license.

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HFL Sport Science Certificate of Analysis

Because of Evolv’s unique properties involving oxygen utilization, promoting a healthy inflammatory response and its positive effects on athletic performance, we have had many inquiries from professional, amateur and collegiate athletes seeking assurance that the product is safe to use and free of banned substances.

We are proud to announce that the product has been professionally tested by a leading WADA-approved lab and found Evolv’s Nutraceutical Beverage to be safe and legal for use in any professional sporting event.

HFL Sport Science, the lab behind Informed-Choice, was engaged to test the Archaea Active™ formula in Evolv for prohibited substances. HFL offers the only supplement testing program that uses a WADA-experienced lab and ISO 17025 accredited analytical methods to analyze for banned substances.

This is great news and validates our philosophy that scientifically-driven products can also be natural, safe and effective at the same time.

Evolv would like to correct the previous post on January 15, 2010 entitled “Evolv Approved For Use By Athletes.”    Please note that the United States Anti-Doping Agency (“USADA”) does not endorse any supplement or supplement manufacturer or marketer, nor does the USADA certify any substances as being free of banned substances and as such the USADA does not endorse or approve any Evolv products.


Evolv to be featured on “The Today Show” next Wednesday, Dec. 23rd

When NBC shows up with cameras, better give them something beautiful to look at! How about an Evolv-wrapped vehicle?

NBC's Jenna Wolfe and Brandon Clarke

NBC's Jenna Wolfe and Brandon Clarke

Today Show correspondent Jenna Wolfe, seen here with Brandon Clarke of DrivenMedia, were in Phoenix yesterday doing a story on the resurgence of home-based businesses. And what better opportunity to showcase than Evolv?

Add former Denver Bronco/Superbowl champion and Evolv Member Dave Diaz-Infante to the mix, and you’ve got great material for a national morning show!

Reports from the shoot are back and we are told that your company, Evolv, was “front and center” on camera. The NBC cameras focused on the process of wrapping the vehicle, which provided an enormous amount of air time for our brand and logo. All the installers had the product in hand.

ESPN's David Diaz-Infante

ESPN Analyst and Evolv Member David Diaz-Infante

We also hear that Dave did great with his on-camera interview. Way to go Dave!

The show is expected to air next Wednesday Dec 23rd between 7 and 8 am. That time slot typically has 6 MILLION viewers!

As a marketing guy, this kind of exposure has me jumping out of my skin! Can’t wait to see it. More details to come, and thanks to DrivenMedia for their support.


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