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The Evolv ActivateATP line includes two products: Evolv Fuel and Evolv Fix. Scroll down to learn about both products or visit their respective pages at evolvhealth.com/fuel and evolvhealth.com/fix.


Evolv Fuel contains a cellular energy activator that works gently with your body’s own energy path- ways to give you a boost right where it all begins: at the cellular level.

  • Science driven results
  • 64% increase in ATP
  • Antioxidant support
  • Enhanced with green tea extract
  • 15 calories per serving

Replace: Sport and energy products filled with artificial sweeteners, flavors and dyes.


Do you need an extra boost to help get you through your day without an annoying crash at the end? Check out this short commercial to learn why Evolv Fuel can help you throughout your day-to-day schedule.


Peer-Review Study Released!

“Athletes know the value of increased ATP production without the corresponding lactate increase, but it also impacts all of us as we age. Since launching the product in February 2013, we are extremely pleased with the results we are seeing from Evolv Fuel and we are thrilled to make this study available to everyone.”

Anne Bodak Smith BS, DC
Chief Science Officer
EvolvHealth LLC

“Within minutes I could literally feel a surge of energy through my body. It was so noticeable that my husband said, “What is that stuff?” And the next question was, “Can I have some please?” We’re both completely sold on this product!”

-Renae Green
Evolv Independent Distributor
Washington, OK

“I love Evolv Fuel and its guilt-free energy – it gave me one of the best workouts I have ever had! I’ve let my pro athletes try it also, and they love it!”

Gerald Smiley
Former Pitcher (Texas Rangers)
Evolv Independent Distributor
Plano, TX

Product Explained

The energy and sports supplement marketplace is a multi billion dollar industry and with Evolv Fuel you can find a healthier alternative to these drinks. EvolvHealth Chief Science Officer Anne Smith B.S., D.C. shares more about how you can receive guilt-free energy with Evolv ActivateATP.

Real People, Real Results

Listen to our Wellness Call on SoundCloud to hear the science behind Evolv ActivateATP and hear testimonials.


Evolv Fix contains a cellular energy activator that works gently with your body’s own energy pathways to give you a boost right where it all begins: at the cellular level as well as a multi-patented, adaptogenic botanical with clinically proven health benefits including:

  • Reduces cortisol levels
  • Helps increase resistance to stress, fatigue, tension and irritability
  • Enhances satiety and reduces stress-induced cravings
  • Helps control stress related weight gain
  • Balances blood sugar
  • More restful sleep
  • Improved mental focus and clarity

Read the study from The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association

Read the study from the Research Journal of Life Sciences


EvolvHealth launches a groundbreaking scientifically proven product that will be the buzz of the health industry. The new product is called Evolv Fix! It’s amazing tasting and provides the perfect FIX to everything you need for better health!

“What I love most about Evolv Fix is the wide spread use this product. Whether your a looking to lose weight, improve your performance, or just feel better, this product is for you. Nothing like this exists in the market today to help reduce stress, revitalize and rejuvenate in addition to providing natural cellular energy.”

Anne Smith B.S., D.C.
EvolvHealth Chief Science Officer
Dallas, TX