MEET mark jackson

ESWPN Partner & NFL Wide Receiver (1986-1994). View Mark’s Wikipedia Page

“My regime is Limitless and Immūn first thing in the morning. As I start my day, it’s a Shake or LifeBar and Daily.

Into my day, I drink a Fix and Fuel (together), sipping on it midday. I’ll add a LifeBar if I’m feeling low in nutrition, and Daily with my evening meal. When I’m shutting it down, there’s Limitless and Immūn on my bed stand.

Sometimes I may take two Limitless in the morning, or if I’m working out at a gym or competing in athletics I’ll drink a Fix/Fuel and take an additional Limitless before the activity. I don’t go overboard, but the amount of product I take during the day varies, as I may need more at times. It’s good nutrition to fuel my body.”