MEET kimberly mcphalen

ESWPN Partner, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor/Motivational Coach, Figure Competitor

Once reaching my early 30’s, I noticed that my hormones were changing and my body was storing fat. I was not pleased with these changes! I tried many restriction-based nutrition plans in the past and was unsuccessful. My frustration was growing…and then I was introduced to the Evolv products by my friend Marcy Schacter.

I was immediately impressed by my results. I lost 10.1 lbs very easily, and my shoulder strength and flexibility improved what seemed like instantly. I look forward to more changes and am very impressed with how my body is leaning out naturally.

I am now preparing for a bodybuilding competition and have decided to use only the Evolv line of health products during my training. I will shout out to the world my love for these products and the support Evolv, the company that has given me my journey!